About Us

Hey mama!

We are GG Bikinis!

We are based out of Toronto, Canada and we are inspired by all things tropical. We created this brand in 2019 after a lifetime of packing for tropical vacations. 

Our focus is swimwear and resortwear, but we don't do limits so we try to bring a little bit of everything...

After completing an apprenticeship abroad in a beach town under fashion mentors from Milan and Rome, we learned the ins and outs of selling resortwear to women and what it takes to create a special brand. 

We are inspired by the excitement of vacations, swanky events, hot dates and business meetings. We are inspired by the women who want to walk in to the room and immediately capture it. 

We created this brand to be able to create that confidence you need to walk in to a room and absolutely own it through our garments. Life is too short to wear something plain or acceptable. You should always create a statement, that is how you will make your mark in this world. 

We are honoured and excited you are here and bringing us a long with you on this journey. We guarantee you will be the star of the show if only you wear our pieces with utter pride and confidence. 

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman." -- Coco Chanel

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